In the early hours of October 9th, many of Nationwide's employees were woken up to find a fire had started during the night and was threatening them and their homes.  We woke our loved ones and packed a few important things (including our pets), ready and anxious to leave our homes if necessary.  We sat with our ears to the radio and listened with fear as the fire moved through our beloved hometown of Santa Rosa.  Several of us opened our homes to friends and family that were in the evacuation zones.

Many of us at Nationwide have been here most of our lives.  This is our home and our community.  Thankfully none of  us here at Nationwide lost our homes.  Our building was not affected.  But we all have either friends or family that have lost everything including businesses.  Some of our favorite restaurants are even gone.  It is heartbreaking.  Our hearts go out to our dear friends and family in our beloved community.  We will continue to make every effort to support our community in this time of need.  #SantaRosaStrong

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to us.  We appreciate your kind words and concern

Marci Dyche
Vice President