Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Service

+ How can I reach the Tax Department by email?

[email protected]

+ How often do you report on Delinquent Property Taxes?

We report annually or bi-annually, depending on a state’s Installment due dates. In AZ, CA, ID, NV, UT, and WA, we report bi-annually. In CO & OR, we report annually. Reports are delivered 45-60 business days after the Installment due date. Contact us regarding the reporting cycles for other states. If none of your borrowers are delinquent, then you will not receive a report.

+ How are the Delinquent reports packaged?

Our reports are packaged by state, inclusive of all counties relevant and affected.

+ How am I notified that the delinquent report is available?

Email notifications are sent to the primary contacts that the reports are available to view online. They remain there for 60 days. Additionally, they are sent by mail at no additional charge. If none of your borrowers are delinquent, then you will not receive a report or a notification.

+ Do you provide updates for delinquent property taxes out of cycle?

Generally, we do not, due to resource constraints. It is best to check up with the county to see if borrowers are still delinquent between reporting cycles. We may be able to make an accommodation on a case-to-case basis for an additional charge. Contact us to describe your situation.

+ Do you provide a report that shows that a borrower is not delinquent on their property taxes?

We do not. Any borrower not listed on the Delinquent Report is assumed to be current on their Property Tax payments. If none of your borrowers are delinquent, then you will not receive a report.

+ How can I get an audit of my tax portfolio?

You can run an audit report online after logging in by selecting ‘Audit Reports’ from the main Tax-Tie Menu. We can also compile an audit report for you if you contact us.

+ Do you provide tax service to private lenders?

Yes! The fee and ordering method is different from our traditional lenders. Please see the ‘Ordering’ FAQ.


Flood Service

+ How can I reach the Flood Department by email?

[email protected]

+ How long after ordering can I expect to receive my flood zone determination?

Our average turnaround time is under 60 minutes. We do not use automated determination services. All determinations are manually researched and hand mapped by experienced technicians for unparalleled accuracy. Some properties do present unique mapping research challenges and turnaround may be delayed.

+ Can I get a "RUSH" on a flood zone certification?

We operate on a ‘Pull’ system of ‘first-in/first-out’, but if you type ‘RUSH’ in the notes field of your order, we will make all efforts to address your order first, at no additional charge.

+ Can I get a map of the flood zone to accompany my flood determination?

Yes! No additional charge. Please contact our Flood Department.

+ How are flood zone determinations packaged?

We use the current FEMA approved Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF). Additionally, we include HMDA/2010 Census Tract Data and a Notice to Borrower at no additional cost.

+ How am I notified that my flood zone determination is complete?

Your Flood Zone Determination is sent to the email address you provide when you submit your order. Otherwise, it defaults to our primary listed contact for your lending institution. Alternately, you can have your Flood Zone Determination posted to your online Order Confirmation as a preference.

+ How long after a flood insurance rate map (FIRM) is changed will I be notified if a flood zone has changed on any of my loans?

FEMA and the NFDA provide flood companies a guideline of 90 days to notify lenders of any Special Flood Hazard Zone changes due to map revisions, and Nationwide strives to meet this guideline. However, this is merely a guideline. Workload, staffing, and the number of maps revised in a given period are all factors that can affect response time. It is important to note that while the Financial Industry is regulated, the Flood Determination Industry isn't. While we try to help clients meet their regulatory obligations, there is no law or regulation that dictates the mandatory time period when flood determination companies have to respond to life-of-loan Flood Zone changes.

+ How can I get an audit of my flood portfolio?

You can run an audit report online after logging in by selecting ‘Audit Reports’ from the main Tax-Tie Menu. We can also compile an audit report for you if you contact us.

+ Do you provide flood zone determinations to private lenders?

Unfortunately, we do not. Our Flood Zone Determinations are for traditional lenders to be in compliance with FDIC regulations.



+ Do you track life-of-loan?

Yes! Please be aware that the ‘Term’ you input at time of order is considered by us to be the life of the loan and we will cease tracking when that term expires.

+ Do I need login codes so that I can order?

If you are from a lending institution that has never used us before, please submit an inquiry through the website or call 1-800-528-7803. If you are a regular client, your Administrator should have provided you with login codes. You can check with them or contact us to retrieve them.

+ I'm trying to log on but it isn't accepting my login codes?

Your USERNAME is generally a specifically assigned ID for your institution, unless you were assigned a unique login by your Administrator. You may be trying to use an email, which it will not accept. Also, there are no spaces in the PASSWORD. If this does not help, contact us or your Administrator.

+ I placed an order but I need to make a change?

Our system does not allow you to make changes to orders once they are submitted. Please fax (707-528-1420) or email ([email protected]) the Order Confirmation page to us with the changes clearly presented, including your contact information.

+ I'm a private lender or ordering on behalf of one and I need to order Tax Service?

We have a form for Private Lenders to order Tax Service. Please submit an inquiry through the website or call 1-800-528-7803 and we will send you the form. Please mail in the completed form with payment



+ My bookmark to your website isn't working?

Our web site might have changed and your bookmark is outdated. Type in our web address in your Internet browser. If that doesn't take you there, we may be experiencing technical difficulties and you can contact our office by fax, e-mail, or phone to place an order. Don't forget to update your bookmark periodically.